Donnerstag, 30. April 2009

Wedding Rings - Eheringe


most of you said that they don't understand german, so I try to post in english (but it is the little rest of the english I learned at school, so I'm not sure if anyone will understand THIS.. ;-))

I just finished a pair of simple welded wedding rings I did from shapes in Inskape, because I needed it for cards for 60 (!!) years married - in germany we call it "diamond wedding" and I wanted to have rings which I could cut with a diamond shadow. I tried this with hologram foil ( don't know if this translation is right) for the shadow and silver cartdstock for the rings and I think it looks well!

Below the finished card and the rings I cut in gold for other

wedding cards, also the svg file

I would be glad if you leave any comments,


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