Sonntag, 10. Mai 2009

Barbecue Pig

Hi all,

Here a pig, for example for a barbecue invitation, i did it one time as a silhouette and one time with paper piecing:

The svg file is here:

Freitag, 8. Mai 2009

Stork with Baby Bundle

Hi all,

for my baby cards I created this stork.

The svg file has 3 pieces - head, mouth and bundle as you can see at the photo of the finished card. Hope someone like this ;-)
The baby letters are from the SCAL forum

Have a nice weekend,


Here are the svg files:


Montag, 4. Mai 2009

Boer goat

Here a boer goat svg file - someone at the SCAL yahoo group asked for ;-)

Freitag, 1. Mai 2009

Heart decoration - Herzranke


here a little heart decor. It looks well as a silhoutte, but I also tried it with paper piecing as you can see it on the photo below.

And here is the svg file for the simple cut and the scut.file with the separated hearts: